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Jun 28, 2012


Oh boy, you may have made a big mistake eating cereal this morning.

While most cereals marketed to children have gotten a bit healthier -- lower in sugar and salt and higher in whole grains and fiber -- they still typically contain a spoonful of sugar for every three spoonfuls of cereal, says a new report from watchdogs at the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity. Meanwhile, companies are spending more money to market their least nutritious brands, researchers say.

Jun 28, 2012


I’m looking forward to watching “Final Witness” that I recorded on DVR last night on ABC.

It’s a true story about a father and husband who survived being shot five times.

And the arson that burned down his Alba, Texas, home. His wife Penny and their two young sons, 13-year-old Matthew, whom everyone called Bubba, and 8-year-old Tyler, did not.


ABC's new TV series, "Final Witness," recreated the 2008 tragedy last night.

Jun 28, 2012


As we get ready for some really hot weather a lot of you might be headed to the pool for the first time this year.

And if you wanna freshen up what you bring to the pool to snack on we have some suggestions that your kids will love and you will too since they are healthy.

All of these can be prepared easily in advance and later taken on the go.


Jun 28, 2012


The temperature is forecast to break 100 degrees in Knoxville this week, with high humidity and little chance for rain. Due to the danger this poses, the Knox County Health Department urges the public to use caution.

People working outside, children, the elderly and people with chronic medical conditions are vulnerable to heat-related illness, but there are ways to stay cool.

Jun 28, 2012


Paula Deen has been making big changes in her diet, and it’s paying off.

Dean, the Southern chef known for her love of butter and the deep fryer, was much maligned

for promoting a high-fat diet when she revealed her type 2 diabetes diagnosis in January. She had kept her condition under wraps for three years.

Since sharing her diabetes diagnosis, she tells People magazine, she’s lost 30 pounds, dropping from a size 18 to a size 10.

Jun 27, 2012


I love this idea…we need this here.


Don’t know if you know this but, most Europeans, get four to six weeks of guaranteed annual vacation leave.

And getting sick while on vacation is the worst no matter where you live.

Last week, Europe’s highest court ruled that workers who happened to get sick on vacation were legally entitled to take another vacation.

Jun 27, 2012


Rising rent costs are pushing some families to take drastic measures.

One Texas family facing hard times has ditched apartment living for a cheaper option.

"You're not suppose to stay in storage units, but we didn't have a choice," said James Germany.

Imagine living in a 10 x 20 room and calling it your home. For the past three months James Germany and his wife, Regina, have been living in an Odessa storage unit.

According to James, when he couldn't find a place to live he had to take extreme measures.

Jun 27, 2012


You may have heard about this, outrage from parents after a Tacoma school district denied two young girls from using sunscreen, causing the fair-skinned children to get severely sunburned.

Violet Michener, 11, and her sister Zoe, 9, were at an all-day school event last week on a day that started cloudy but soon cleared to bright sunshine.

The school refused to allow the girls to put on sunscreen, despite the fact that Zoe suffers from a condition that makes her sensitive to the sun.

Jun 27, 2012


Perhaps this will curb your habit of talking and text on a cell phone while driving.

A 2010 study by the Highway Loss Data Institute, an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, found that current texting bans are not reducing the risk or amount of crashes.

So some states are questioning whether tougher punishment is the answer.

Justin McNaull, director of state relations for auto club AAA, says seat belt studies show that when states impose higher fines, more motorists obey the laws.

Jun 26, 2012


I’m not sure what changes more, Facebook or the waether!?


Facebook is thinking about all the ways you can find more friends, including the ones around you. The social network has quietly rolled out a new feature called Find Friends Nearby.