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May 31, 2012


How much would you pay for a taste of anti-aging?  And I do mean a taste! Is there really a bottle of special juice that could turn back the clock on wrinkles, dark spots, and other sun damage? According to researchers at the University of Utah, this fountain of youth might not be science fiction.

May 31, 2012


Good morning guys!

Now that the school year has ended my husband and I are again in a discussion about schools next year for our child.

Without giving much detail about us to protect our identity, our child gets great grades in a PUBLIC school. We have no behavior issues or attendance issues. We’ve been very lucky for our child’s education and teachers.

May 31, 2012


Officials say due to the unseasonably warm spring, the synchronized fireflies at Great Smoky Mountains National Park are flashing earlier than ever recorded.

The shuttle service to the event site at Elkmont is still scheduled to take place from June 2-10, only for those with tickets.

Park biologists predict there may still be some activity during the weekend of June 2, but the display will be past peak. It may taper off significantly before the following weekend.

May 31, 2012


Lori Anne Madison continues to dazzle and delight the crowds at the Scripps National Spelling Bee! 

Lori Anne is making history as the YOUNGEST  person to compete. On Wednesday, she spelled her first word, "dirigible," correctly.  She missed her second word though but she has set a record and the bar for fellow spellers.

The second-grader joined 277 other contestants, marking a milestone in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, according to the event's record books dating to 1993.

May 31, 2012


You won’t believe what this 9 year old boy did to give back.

His name is Brendan Haas and he earned a prize any young kid would appreciate — an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World.

Here’s what he did. He and his mother Melissa set up a a trading contest on Facebook in an attempt to trade up from a toy soldier to a Disney trip.

He got the idea from the story of a man who traded up from a red paper clip to a house.

May 30, 2012

Katie Couric

She was once called "the cute little gutsy girl" on the Today Show- that's how many people remember Katie Couric. She teamed up with Bryant Gumbel back in the day and seemed to do no wrong. She was always smiling and always so cute! 

So what happened?  She retired from the Today Show back in 2006... And within 6 years Katie feels like we've lost our zest for her.


Here's an article on her Commencement  speech to the University of Virginia....

May 30, 2012


Now that the warmer weather is hear and there’s gonna be a lot of time of fun in the sun.

Your sunscreen may not be up to standards.

The Food and Drug Administration ordered sunscreen companies in 2011 to clear up confusion over claims to block damaging ultraviolet rays, prevent skin cancer and premature aging.

The revised labels were supposed to be on the shelf by June 2012, but last week the FDA announced sunscreen companies will have six more months to comply.

May 30, 2012

Having a baby should be a happy, joyous celebration. The beauty of bringing a NEW life into the world is glorious; but things turned blizzard for a Greek woman who didn't have enough money to pay the hospital for her C-section. So the hospital decided to hold her newborn baby hostage until she came up with the cash!

May 30, 2012

This is either a publicity stunt or someone hoping to get rich.

Have you heard about Justin Bieber's alleged fight with a photographer over the weekend, we’ll it’s notbeing referred to an L.A. County prosecutor.

Prosecutors and police alike will have to wait to interview Bieber, however, as he told fans he was "off to Europe" as Los Angeles detectives were seeking to question the pop superstar about an alleged attack Sunday against a paparazzo.

Bieber, 18, tweeted to his followers, "going to board. OFF TO EUROPE! PHASE 1 of operation secret concerts."

May 30, 2012

What a great honor for Pat Summitt yesterday at the White House!

President Barack Obama presented the Medal of Freedom to more than a dozen political and cultural greats yesterday, including former Tennessee Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt.

Obama added that Summitt, who led Tennessee women’s basketball team to more NCAA Final Four appearances than any other team, had helped pave the way for his two daughters, “who are tall and gifted.”