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A thought about the oil spill in the Gulf

The real tragedy of the spill is that the company responsible is British. If BP were a Japanese company they would have plugged the leak with their executives by now. 

Alzheimer's Tournament and Johnny Majors

You may have heard me mention on air in the past about how my Mom suffered from Alzheimers.  Obviously, the hope of finding a cure is something near and dear to my heart.  My Mom went from being a very religious, quick witted, wise cracking practical joker who never missed a trick to a person who had touble recognizing people she'd known for years and years. It is a cruel disease that creates a situation where you lose a loved one a little each day until they become totally dependent on others for even the most basic of needs.  

Fulton High School Wall of Fame Inductions for 2010

On Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 6:30pm, the Fulton High School Alumni Association and the Fulton Wall of Fame Committee will host a banquet at Rothchild Catering and Conference Center located at 8807 Kingston Pike here in Knoxville. We will be honoring six Fulton Graduates who will be inducted into the Second Annual Fulton High School Wall of Fame.

Welcome to our new home

Thanks for visiting our new home on the web.  I appreciate you taking the time to visit the B hive and look around. As with any move we're still unpacking some boxes and there may be a spot or two that need some attention.

Who am I?

I was born here in Knoxville and attended Lincoln Park Elementary (now closed), Christenberry Middle School (now closed) and Fulton High School (they tried to close it as well.)  Clearly having me attend a school has proven to be bad for their future.  When it came time to choose a college Northwestern and UT both wanted me.

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