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Which Olympic Sport Are You Made For?


We highly recommend that everyone check out this website. Mainly because it will reassure you that you COULD'VE been an Olympian if you'd just made like 17 different lifestyle choices.


The BBC put together an online tool where you plug in your height and weight, and it tells you what Olympic athlete is your BODY MATCH.

And you don't always get someone of your gender.  For example, a man who's 5-foot-10, 190 pounds has the same body specs as Allison Randall, who's competing in discus for Jamaica.


Who Has More Road Rage?


Oh now THIS is a bitter pill to swallow. 

Okay, let me give you a scenario: You are stuck in traffic, your turn signal is on and you need in the other lane. WHICH of the sexes will most likely let you in?  

I say a woman.


Okay, now since we are in that drivers seat right now, who do you think is more prone to road rage? 


Psychiatrists say it's easy to lose your cool in the car because there's a sense of anonymity.

Olympian Overcomes All To Compete


I want to share a true story with you this morning that should make you want to stand up and say I AM WOMAN!  

some of you are getting up this morning for your morning run or workout and its an everyday occurance. Perhaps you take it for granted... 

But for Tahmina Kohistani, it's daunting. SHE lives in Kabul, Afganistan. When she got up, she was expected to STAY HOME. No exercise, running, or freedom.

Blount County Teen Found


Some good news yesterday. Police found Maryville teen Hunter Barnes in Santa Monica, California Wednesday after about a two-month search.

Hunte, 17, a William Blount High School student, is unharmed, according to the Blount County Sheriff's Office.

His family said they don't know why he went to California and they're working to fly him back home.

Tax Free This Weekend!


This would be the weekend to do some back to school shopping.

This weekend is this year's tax free holiday weekend begins at 12:01 a.m. on Friday and ends on Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

Most clothing and school supplies under $100 and computers under $1500 qualify to be tax-free. More details on what qualifies can be found on the Tennessee sales tax holiday website.


The Fountain of Youth

A 61-year-old man in India claims to be growing younger.

According to News Reports, the man --named PILLAI-- was in really bad shape before receiving a liver transplant back in 2008. But, after doctors gave him the liver of a 21-year-old man, Pillai started looking better --and younger. His grey hair reportedly turned black again, his wrinkles have gone away, and he no longer has diabetes.  The man says, "I don’t just look young, I feel ...reborn as a young man."   We will put the pictures up on our Facebook page for you to look at. 



Have You Seen My Keys?


How funny and embarrassing! 

The locks at London's Olympic football final venue, the famous Wembley Stadium, have had to be changed after police responsible for security at the world-famous sports arena lost their keys.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman told CNN on Monday that officers at the ground first realized the keys had gone missing last Tuesday, July 24.

Scotland Yard sent a team of detectives to the site to search for the missing set, but despite determining that they had not been stolen, officers were unable to find them

A Look Into Homework


The new school year has started and it's time for everyone to get back into the swing of things.  Schedules, lunches, athletic programs, and... homework!  


So just how much homework should your child have?  There's a formula you know....

Organizations like the National PTA have a policy that students should have about 10 minutes of homework each night, per grade level starting in first grade. So a fifth grader would have about 50 minutes of homework per night.

The Latest on The Bullied Monitor


Karen Klein, a grandmother from suburban Rochester, N.Y., made an announcement  Friday that she is leaving her job. She has been a bus monitor for the Greece School District for three years.

Klein, 68, became a household name after a viral video showed four seventh-graders taunting and berating her with insults and profanity. The 10-minute video sparked worldwide outrage against the boys' behavior. An online fundraising effort on Klein's behalf raised more than $700,000 in donations.


Welcome to the Future


Have you heard of Libby? She certainly is the talk of Newark Airport on Friday. She is the  future come to life in the form of a computer-generated greeter at the gate. She's not real though...

She’s Newark Airport’s newest — and perhaps most chipper — customer service rep. You may have noticed that she’s a bit shallow, and she’s completely two-faced, but she’s always smiling, and she never complains.

“Hello, and welcome to Newark Liberty International Airport. You have arrived at Terminal B,” the avatar says.


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