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What's Your Flavor?


Lays potato Chips has thrown its "spud" into the ring to offer you a million dollars.

Lays plans to cook one consumer's recipe into a potato chip and pay $1 million for it — or 1% of the flavor's net sales in 2013. It's the winner's choice.

They've done this "Do us a Flavor" contest before, but only overseas and they've come up with:

Caesar-salad-flavored chips in Australia, shrimp chips in Egypt and sausage-flavored chips in Poland.

Whooping Cough


Colorado Hero


Jarell Brooks, 19, was prepared to flee the Aurora theater when a shooter started attacking. When Brooks saw Patricia Legarreta struggling to save her babies, he immediately stopped in his tracks.

An Interesting For Sale Ad


If you're house hunting,.now's a great time to buy because the rates are so low. So you might be shopping the ads...maybe you want a 3 bedroom....or a fireplace or nice yard

Or maybe this ad might catch your eyes: 

"Husband left us for a 22 year old. House for sale by scorned, slightly bitter, newly single owner."

It's the brain child of Elle Zober the recently divorced Oregon woman  and she hopes those feelings of resentment will help her sell a house.

Father Denies Make-A-Wish Trip For Daughter


Make-A-Wish rules that require two parents to sign off on a sponsored trip are allowing an Ohio dad to block his 4-year-old daughter from taking a "wished" Disney World vacation.

"What she's been through sucks," William May, the father of cancer-survivor McKenna May, told FoxNews.com. "But I think any money that the organization hands out to children, should go to dying kids. Not cured ones."

Freed Wrongly Charged Inmate Sings National Anthem


William Dillon isn't a reality show star or a prefab pop singer, but he belted out the national anthem before last nights Tampa Bay Rays game. It was a strange homecoming for Dillon; 27 years ago he was once scouted by the Detroit Tigers as a promising young pitcher.  But he never made the big leagues, because life threw Dillon quite a curve. 

Give Them an A


How far would you go to make sure your child got the best grade in school?

A Pennsylvania woman allegedly changed her children's grades after logging into a school computer system using passwords obtained when she worked for the district.

Investigators say Catherine Venusto used the Northwestern Lehigh School District superintendent's password to change the grades. She was arraigned Wednesday on a half-dozen felony counts and released on bail.

The Power of You!


When the battery was first invented, it was about 1.1 volts and powered telegraphs, telephones and doorbells!  Some of the earliest batteries had a power life of about an hour. NOW, fast forward to the rechargeables and then the solar batteries.


Enter battery-free gadgets powered by body heat. If you hard run, bike for miles or work up a daily sweat, TEGwear technology will reward you with power.

Fast Food Troubles


This was an interesting development. Because when it comes to youtube, or blogs, or the Internet, people will post just about anything. 

So, a long time fast food employee thought he'd get his 15 minutes of fame by posting a shot on a site called 4 chan (an image based bulletin board website)   of his feet standing in the lettuce bins of the restaurant and added "this is the lettuce you eat at Burger King."

Oh man....yuck!  I guess he thought users on the site would think he was cool....but it backfired! 

Running In The Olympics


London 2012 Olympics: Games legend Michael Johnson believes Oscar Pistorius has an 'unfair advantage'

The 400-metre world record holder, Michael Johnson, believes disabled athletes who use prosthetic limbs should not be allowed to compete in able-bodied races, as it has not been disproved whether or not it provides them with an "unfair advantage".

The American, winner of Olympic gold medals in the 400m in 1996 and 2000, was talking specifically about Oscar Pistorius, the South African known as ‘blade runner’.

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