1 Year Without


Can you imagine NOT looking at yourself prior to your wedding?  No peeking to see how you look, no mirrors! 

That's the project 29 year old Kierstin Gruys undertook!  She has mastered the art of avoiding her own reflection.  It all started as part of an experiment that Kierstin hopes will help boost her own self-esteem and inspire others to stop focusing on external perfection. Dont judge yourself by what you DO and DONT see in the mirror.  In her blog "Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall", she documents her yearlong effort to live mirror-free.

You might wonder how in the world did she pull this off? For months, her daily schedule began with the typical teeth brushing, but a curtain covered the bathroom mirror. She inserted her contact lenses and applied her makeup by touch, not sight. NO WAY I WOULD TRY THAT!   Driving to work required glances in the rear- and side-view mirrors, but Kierstin avoided peeking at her own image.

It's all about body image!  And she was struggling with her image and her experience overcoming an eating disorder. In high school, she had soooo many insecurities about her self esteem and her weight that She restricted her food and liquid intake, resulting in serious health problems. "I had kidney stones five times and the lack of body fat started affecting my bone density."

She launched her no-mirrors project in March 2010, while planning her wedding. That was tough! 

"This idea of living your life experiencing the world for itself instead of constantly reflecting, you know, pun intended, on how you looked.... It was a life where you could get away from yourself," she said.

The project was to get rid of mirrors with the intention of focusing on everything else in my life."


We tried it for a full day...no luck! In fact, we couldn't go thirty minutes!