1. Your teens don't want you to be their friends. What they need is for you to be a reliable responsible role model worthy of their respect, and not some overgrown finger-snapping hipster who wears too tight jeans or T-shirts with slogans advocating the virtues of 100 proof liquor.  2. Don't debate the teen ever. Teens need to know that no means no.  3. Don't buy your teen a car. If you do, he will total it or wreck it in record time. Guaranteed.  4. Encourage sports participation even if your teen has two left feet. Sports participation develops perserverence and cheerfully functioning as a team member.  5. Let the school know you in a good way so that school personnel do not dive under the desk when you approach.  6. Your teen needs some house rules. Some good house rules: no eating outside the kitchen. No visitors to the house unless an adult is present. No name calling or suggesting the parent needs to spend time in a soft padded room.  7. Your teen needs to work unless her school and academic demands take up all available time. Anything that encourages a work ethic and sense of family duty is a good thing.  8. To know your teens' friends is to know your teens. If you really want to know what your kid is up to, get to know their friends.  9. Look at your teen daily and it's okay to stare. Notice any changes in appearance, hygiene, mood, etc.  10. Know that if your teen gets into hot water, he may be too embarrassed or afraid of your wrath and disappointment to tell you, even if you have a great relationship with your teen or--think you do.  11. Just when you think your teen has learned from his mistake, he will make another doozy of a mistake. Be prepared for this. Remember: the human brain is not fully formed untill age 25. Yikes!