The Bucket List


We wanted to bring you an update on 16 year old Alice Pyne. She lives in Ulverston, England and more than 4 years ago she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, a terminal cancer, and if you'll remember, she put together a "Bucket List" that she HOPED she'd complete before the cancer took her. And we are happy to let you know that with the help of strangers all over the world, Alice has completed her "bucket list."

Alice became a worldwide Internet sensation last year when she published a list of 17 things she wanted to achieve on her blog.

Since she was diagnosed, she has gotten the opportunity to swim with sharks, go to prom, got a purple iPad, got a back massage and met her favorite band, Take That.

Alice knocked the last item off her to-do list in July when she went whale watching in Vancouver.


It's interesting as you look at her list. Some of the things were very simple, like the back massage, having her picture taken with her friends and entering her dog in a dog show. It makes you wonder what, to her, was the MOST significant bucket list item:


The achievement she is most proud of is getting 40,000 people to sign up for the bone marrow donor list.


"I mean, it's just been incredible," Alice's mother, Vicky Pyne, told ITV News. "We know that what's going to happen to Alice is going to happen — you know, that doesn't change — but we'll always have these special times to look back at. People have made it amazing for us. And I've got so many friends in hospital who literally had weeks' notice of their kids going and they didn't get this time, so I can't be miserable about it."