Can You Do These?



4 fitness goals every woman should try to reach.

For some women, exercise is a means to an end — and by 'end,' we mean being in shape enough to pull off wearing that special dress or feeling confident enough to wear a two-piece on your next vacation. But there are other fitness-based goals that go beyond looking good that are equally important for women. Here are four to strive for that every woman should try at least once — just so your body can thank you for it later!


Bucket list item #1: Hold a plank pose for 60 seconds

Why it's important for women: Building core strength — a strong set of obliques, abdominals and lower back muscles — is key for women looking to develop a flatter, leaner midsection. The plank is one of the easiest and most effective exercises to strengthen all three at the same time.

Bucket list item #2: Run a half-marathon

Why it's important for women: Between the camaraderie you'll feel racing with other like-minded runners and the dedication you'll learn through following a set exercise schedule, a half marathon is the perfect way for those looking to test their fitness, yet feel like a part of something social at the same time.

Bucket list item #3: Pull off 10 push-ups

Why it's important for women: It's the exercise many women like to avoid, but this exercise is one of the best moves you can use to strengthen and shape your chest, shoulders and triceps — and even your core muscles to some extent — in one shot. Push-ups are also a terrific, no-equipment required exercise that allow you to always keep your upper body in amazing shape, no matter where you are, or, what you have access to.

Bucket list item #4: Hold the tree pose for 60 seconds

Why it's important for women: If you remove the expected spiritual and relaxing benefits that yoga offers, there's a running list of perks that performing certain yoga poses can provide. A solid yoga program works all of your muscles — front and back — while it stretches them at the same time, helping to improve your body's overall posture, allowing it to function more efficiently with less risk of injury. It also strengthens muscles while teaching them to work together through a wider variety of angles. The end result: you build functional strength that trains your muscles to work collectively, which can improve your performance in any everyday activity or sport.