Crawlspace Dweller

This story was a shocker and I never even imagined something like this could happen, but Velma Kellen lived it!  Velma is 73 years old with 3 dogs and other than that, she lives alone... or at least she THOUGHT she did!  

This time of year in Washington where she lives, the average temperature is about 34 degrees and Velma had a NEW furnace... but she wasn’t keeping warm. So she called the repairman.

He came in, looked at the furnance, checked his readings, and then, shocked Velma with the news. He told her, "Well, I've got good news and bad news, I've got your ducts fixed, but somebody's been living under your house!’”

He went under the house in the crawl space and came out with a beer, a bunch of other cans, and a liquor bottle underneath the house.

The crawlspace companion had cut her ducts so the warm air was blowing down into the makeshift hideaway BENEATH her home.


The weird thing- her 3 dogs never barked. All they can figure is the crawlspace dweller was coming in the back gate, into her yard and made friends with the dogs in order to live beneath Velma....


Here’s the kicker:  every once in a while, Velma thought she smelled pot!  

Yep the under floor squatter was smoking weed ....

And a pungent smell of marijuana smoke lingering inside her house was likewise perplexing, she said.

She said her furnace is now fixed and the squatter apparently has moved on.