Disney Changes the Game


Disney says its programming will no longer be sponsored by junk food.

The Walt Disney Co. said Tuesday that it will become the first major media company to ban such ads for its TV channels, radio stations and websites intended for children.

That means kids watching Saturday morning children's shows on Disney's ABC network will no longer see ads for fast foods and sugary cereals that don't meet company's nutrition standards.

The guidelines won't go into effect until 2015 because of existing advertising agreements.

At an event announcing the push, First Lady Michelle Obama called the announcement a "game changer."

Disney's announcement could pressure other media companies to follow suit at a time when concerns over obesity rates are growing.

Disney says its guidelines are aligned with federal standards to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of sodium, sugar and saturated fat.

The kids' meals offered by traditional fast-food chains may not meet the new advertising guidelines, even if the meals come with healthy side orders, says Leslie Goodman, Disney's senior vice president of corporate citizenship. That's because Disney will be assessing the restaurant's broader offerings in deciding whether to approve ads.

For example, a complete meal under Disney's guidelines could have no more than 600 calories. A side dish could have no more than 200 calories.

Without naming specific companies, Goodman said there are ads currently running on Disney channels that would not meet the new standards.

So could Disney's announcement put pressure on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and other media to do the same?


  • First of all I am sick and tired of blaming advertising fast food or junk food as a reason why kids are obese….BE A PARENT AND SAY NO!
  • Alright Disney, let’s see if you practice what you preach. I’ll be watching your shows like Jesse, Shake It Up, Let It Shine, Good Luck Charlie, he Suite Life Of Zack and Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place (which is a diner) and make sure I never see any bad food being eaten!