Fast Food Ice May Be Full of Bacteria!

Summer's here and with the sun bearing down on you, a nice cold glass of tea or lemondae sure sounds, unless you visited a fast food restaurant for that beverage!

Thanks to a school project by a 12 year old, we now know what's in THAT cold glass of refreshment:  E. coli bacteria. YUCK!!

12-year-old Jasmine Roberts collected ice samples from five restaurants in South Florida for her award-winning project-from both self-serve machines inside the restaurant and from drive-thru windows.

She then collected toilet water samples from the same restaurants and tested all of them for bacteria at the University of South Florida.In several cases, the ice tested positive for E. coli bacteria, which comes from human waste and has been linked to several illness outbreaks across the country, ABC News reported.


According to Dr. David Katz., It's not a cause for panic unless you have stomach problems. You need to be aware and be careful.

But  this bacteria shouldn't be there! What's alarming about the project is that it is nothing NEW!  It has been happening a lot.

Toilet water is also surprisingly bacteria-free, because it comes from sanitized city water supplies.

Roberts got interested in the project after reading a newspaper article about bacteria in airplane water and decided to do something similar. Plus, she said, all of her friends chew on ice, and it drives her crazy.