FInders Keepers Doesn't Hold Up in Court!

MONEY WALLS (knock on wood....really!  You could be rich!)

Imagine you bought a house. Now you've been in this house for 4 years and you decide to remodel. And thats when as you tear through the walls, you strike it RICH!  You find cans and cans of money INSIDE the old walls... WOW! 

That's what happened; and that's the dilemma for an Arizona couple who's remodeling project turned into a windfall piggy-bank.  They literally found $500,000 dollars cash in the walls of their home. 

So where did that money come from?  It belonged to Robert Spann, who died back in 2001 and left his home to his daughters.  But they sold the house in 2008.  And now the current owners who found the stocks, bonds, cash and gold hidden throughout the home in ammunition cans inside the walls.  Here's the ugly part of the story: An Arizona court says a man's heirs are entitled to $500,000 cash that was found in the walls of his former home years after he died.

The Court of Appeals ruling last Thursday upholds a judge's decision that the money,  belongs to Robert Spann's estate.

The couple who bought the home in Paradise Valley claimed the cash after a worker found it in the walls during kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

The Court of Appeals said that legally, the money was only mislaid, not abandoned, so it still belonged to Spann's estate.