Former Football Player Gym Teacher Beaten Up By 1st Grader


We hear these stories all the time, look at the story in Morgan County with the principal who spanked a child.

But what if the tables were turned?


A New York City school teacher is suing the city claiming he was beaten up.

So badly that he fractured his ankle, injured his knee and was forced to go to a shrink for stress related to being bullied at school.


Let’s tell you about the teacher, he’s a gym teacher, former college football player, weighs 220lbs and is 5 foot 10.

Now let’s tell you about the school child that beat this teacher up.

He’s 4 foot 2 and 6 years old.

This kid also kicked and pinched the principal and school’s security officer too.


Hears what the child’s dad says about all this:

Rodrigo’s dad, Jorge Carpio, 44, scoffed: “The lawsuit is totally absurd. How could my little boy do so much damage? My poor son.”