There are four words that typically describe spoiled children. How is your child doing?  Here is our four-word test for a spoiled kid:  “NO!” He can’t handle the word. He expects to get what he wants and usually does. Take my toy store test. Your child is in walking down the toy aisle and wants a toy she doesn’t need. You say no. Can your kid handle no (or does she beg, nag or have a tantrum to get his way).  “ME!” She is self-centered and thinks the world revolves around her. She thinks more of herself than about others. She feels “entitled” and expects special favors and generally succeeds in getting them. He watches TV. You do the housework. He doesn’t like the dinner. You cook another meal just for him. She wants an extension on her homework assignment that she never got around to doing and expects the teacher to give it to her.  “GIMME!” A spoiled kid is more into getting than receiving, because he has so much and he just wants more. He’s generally unappreciative and a bit greedy. You can’t think of what to give him for the holidays because he already has everything. She requests things only by brand name. She bases her character on what she owns and wears instead of who she is. Do you feel more like an ATM machine than a parent?  “NOW!” A spoiled kid just can’t wait and wants things A.S.A.P. It’s just plain easier to give in to this child than to postpone her request. She interrupts when you’re on the phone and expects you to stop. And you do. He whines to get the cookie NOW... and can’t wait for after dinner.  Be honest…Do any of those words fit your child’s typical behavior? Any one word could indicate that your child is moving into the “spoiled” category. Here is another quick test:  Do you think an outsider would consider your child spoiled?