Friday Morning:

5:45 – Talk with Mike Witcher from WBIR about our weekend forecast  6:10 – Top 5 Things You Need to Know   6:25 – Jump Ropin’ For Haiti   6:40 – Watch out, there’s another virus on Facebook  6:55 – The most dangerous sport for girls is?  7:10 – Things to do in a day, we have a co-worker who needs ideas for his mother is coming to visit this weekend   7:25 – College Scholarships. Congrats to a local high school for gathering over $5 million in scholarships           7:40 – Sandra Bullock, is she a really a new mommy?  We want your thoughts on some of the news reports saying she is.   7:55 – A new study said yesterday is the deadliest day for teens on the road   8:10 – Hate your job, but forced to stay due to the economy. We have 4 simple tips to help you stay sane:       1. Practice Centering Yourself in the Present Moment. Observe your emotions without judgement --it's natural to feel excited, worried or both if you're thinking about a change.      2. Figure Out How to Use Your Current Position as a Leaping Pad. Even if you hate your gig, consider it a "laboratory for learning."      3. Change Routines To Think About What You're Doing. Don't watch the clock, do things in a different order, chat with office mates you normally wouldn't or attend someone else's meeting. Shaking things up could make you feel better about your day.      4. Be An Explorer. You create the story you live every day --make it a great scene stuffed with adventures and surprises!     8:26 – Jump Ropin’ For Haiti