Good Directions

Yes, it seems times are tough. In fact, some are bad and getting worse. It just feels like every time we turn on the news things are depressing: the Aurora shootings, the Empire State Building gunman, or the 14 shot over the weekend in Chicago. The BAD makes the news... but there is some really GOOD going on too.

Like in California. Ty Warner was lost in Santa Barbara, so he asked Jennifer Vasilakos for directions. Jennifer just happened to be raising money to fund an expensive stem cell treatment because her kidneys failed last year.  After she gave him directions, he gave her $50.  Isnt that nice.  But it doesnt end there; he said thats all he had on him and he'd send more.   A few days later, Jennifer got a big check in the mail.  

Ty sent her a check for $20,000 to help cover the cost of her kidney treatment. 

Ty Warner is a billionaire... he is the founder of Beanie Babies!