He Can Hear!


Ah this was just such a beautiful story that we saw yesterday. 2 year old Cooper LaScala was born with profound hearing loss.  His parents had NO forewarning....

No one in their family was deaf but the couple was each carrying a gene that would affect Cooper.

So back in September, Coopers mom and dad tried something that sometimes works. Cooper received Cochlear implants back in September.  His parents did not know what to expect because sometimes it doesn't work; sometimes children will cry because they don't understand or it just doesn't function enough to help make a hearing difference!  You must see the video of Cooper! It has gone viral with over half a million hits; it's Coopers response as he hears his moms voice for the very first time.

SEE THE VIDEO- http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/cooper-hears-mom-8217-voice-first-time-viral-195100068.html

Two-year-old Cooper gasps and laughs as mom says, "Hi Cooper!"  Isnt it precious! 

After eight months of using the device, Cooper "doing beautifully." He counts to five, recognizes and says colors, and can understand and recite his "ABCs."   He can also verbalize things he wants. In the video, the first word Cooper asks to be identified is a gold fish cracker, which might not be a surprise to any mom with a toddler.