Heatwave Warning


The temperature is forecast to break 100 degrees in Knoxville this week, with high humidity and little chance for rain. Due to the danger this poses, the Knox County Health Department urges the public to use caution.

People working outside, children, the elderly and people with chronic medical conditions are vulnerable to heat-related illness, but there are ways to stay cool.

Health officials say to drink plenty of water, wear a hat and sunscreen. They recommend wearing light-colored, light-weight and loose clothing, and when the temperature heats up find a place with air conditioning.

Also exercise and do yard work only when the temperature cools again.

These tips could help prevent a heat-related illness.

"It's very important when it's hot outside to listen to your body. If it's trying to tell you it's too hot to continue, you have got to give yourself a break, get inside and it's a very good idea to drink lots of fluids," said Ranee Randby, community relations director for the health department.

If there's a prolonged extreme heat event, the health department, emergency management agency and the Red Cross would open a cooling center, So far, they have never had to do this.

Experts also say on hot summer days don't leave children or pets in a parked car, even for a few minutes.

The health department recommends checking on the elderly at least once a day, monitoring children closely and providing pets with water and shade.