How to Survive Thanksgiving



Don't skip breakfast. Fasting all day until sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner you will be hungrier and will tend to eat more. Eat a normal breakfast and a light snack if Thanksgiving dinner is in the evening.


Drink plenty of water. Make it a goal to drink 16 oz of water over a period of two hours prior to the meal. If you are drinking alcohol and coffee, which dehydrates your body, be sure you have at least one 8-oz glass of water for every glass of alcohol and every cup of coffee. Water also helps curb appetite.


Don't think of Thanksgiving dinner as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Restrain your-self from piling food on your plate. If you really enjoy going back for seconds, fill your plate lightly and eat it slowly. Then you can go back for seconds.  Enjoy the company without overeating.


Eat slowly. You will taste your food more fully. In fact, if you focus on tasting the food, your effort at eating slowly will be much easier. You will eat less in the same amount of time. You will have the satisfaction of a meal without feeling stuffed.