Listener Email: "I Can't Overcome Her Not Shaving!"

Ashley and Brad,

Hey Guys, I need help ASAP for a problem. I need you to possibly talk about this before Friday so my girlfriend doesn't hear this since she is out of town on a business trip.

I've been dating a woman for the past 4 weeks and she is a great lady. We get along well, laugh and really enjoying being together. It's one of the best relationships I've ever had.

So last weekend we rented a cabin in the Smokies for our first romantic adventure, if you know what I mean. The night was perfect, we went to the Titanic museum, walked the streets of Gatlinburg and had a awesome dinner at the Peddler.

We went back to the cabin and couldn't wait to hop in the hot tub. I changed into my swim suit and waited for her in the hot tub.

Suddenly she comes out of the bathroom in her bikini, looking incredible except for one thing... her legs are hairier than mine!


OMG I was so grossed out. Now I know why she always wore slacks or jeans when we went out on dates!

What do I do? I can not overcome that. Don’t even ask me how it was in the same bed…YIKES!

Do I dump her? And if I do, what do I say. I’ve been so truthful to her.



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