Listener Email: "I Have a Fear of Flying"


Hey Ashley & Brad,

I love when you guys read listener emails and that your listeners offer advice on whatever the topic may be.

Well, I need some advice from anyone who is not afraid to fly.

I’m getting married in a month and my fiancé Julie and I were given a honeymoon gift from her grandparents. A trip to Fiji, all paid for and at an incredible resort.

They surprised us with this trip last weekend and Julie is so excited. I would be really excited too, if we could travel by car!

I am fearful of flying. I flew once as a kid to Disney a long time ago and as I’ve grown older I see stories in the news about plane crashes or near misses like the one from JetBlue last week in Las Vegas.

I can’t get over it, I am obsessed with the fear of flying and look everyday in the news to see if there have been any crashes.

I don’t want to disappoint my soon-to-be wife’s grandparents with such a gracious gift and I really don’t want to let down Julie by telling her we can’t go.

I’m willing to do anything to board that plane. I just need some suggestions on what others have done to overcome their fear.




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