Listener Email:"I Got An Anit-Invitation!"

Dear Ashley and Brad,

Over the weekend I got an interesting wedding invitation from my cousin that really surprised me.

My cousin's invite politely informed my husband and I that we are not invited to be part of her big day!

Keep in mind I heard about the wedding from other family members and I already expected to attend, I even started shopping for a dress.

Can someone explain this invite to me and why she sent it. I would have rather not gotten an invite than feel rejected by a family member.

Is this the new trend among young people?

Now the question is do I even send her and her husband to be a gift or should I send a card saying:

Congrats on your big day it's ashame we can't attend, so we hope your big day is special and thanks for saving us the expense of attending your wedding and buying you a gift.

Has anyone else gotten one of these?


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