Local 7th Grader Striving To Make A Difference

Ok, I want you to think about what most kids at age 12 are interested in- School, friends, their phones, media. Well one 7th grade girl in the Halls/Fountain City community is spending her time doing everything she can for Beverly Park Place Health and Rehabilitation Center. 

Gabby Bogart is a student at Gresham Middle School who lost her Great Grandmother to Alzheimer’s in September. Gabby would frequently visit her Nanny before her death and begin to realize, no matter the season or the time of day, it was always freezing in the center. She also began to notice many of the other residents did not have warm clothes… so Gabby leapt into action and organized a plan: A Blanket Drive. A full force campaign to provide every resident with a warm and cozy blanket, so far she has collected 114. She needs at least 270.

Despite help from several backers in the community, Gabby needs our help to reach her goal by the mid-November Delivery Deadline. Gabby has selfless worked to gather these blankets, ignoring her tough year. She has suffered the loss of a loved one, a dislocated knee, a torn MCL, a torn meniscus, and was recently diagnosed as a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis. Gabby needs something good in her life, she needs to reach this goal.

Let’s help her do that and show her we care about people in the community, we think even the smallest things matter. Cause if a 12 year old middle schooler with a barrage of health problems can make a difference, then all of us can.

To see how you can help or to donate, contact Gabby’s mother, Jaclyn Bogart at 865-809-3712 or email her at jbogart3507@comcast.net