Man Steals From Sevier County Girl Scouts


It turned out to be a bad 4th of July for  a group of Girl Scouts in Sevier County.

The Girl Scouts in Sevier County gathered at Patriot Park on Independence Day to sell patriotic hats, sun visors, bouncy balls, temporary tattoos and glow sticks during the city's annual festivities.

The girls sold several thousand dollars worth of merchandise.

As the evening came to an end, the girls, parent volunteers and troop leaders looked to the sky to watch the fireworks.

As they watched the show some “scumbag” decided to grab the girls money box and run off into the KOA campground.

They described the “scumbag” as a gentleman in his mid to late 20s.

The cashbox was filled with almost the entire day's earnings, funds that would be used to help pay for the girls' uniforms, books, training and other needs troops throughout the county may have had.

Despite the lose of money the leaders and parents tried to turn the experience into a lesson for the girls — most of whom were too young to understand what had happened.

"(Our first reaction was) disbelief that somebody would actually do that, steal money from the Girl Scouts who do nothing but good for our community," "The second reaction was anger, bitter anger that someone would do that.

"We were angry and upset that we spent all that time raising money for the Girl Scouts, but at the same time we have to be forgiving. After sleeping on it, thinking about it and really realizing what happened, instead of being angry and upset we're trying to be forgiving. That's what we're trying to teach the girls."

They're not sure what to do next, though they have filed a report with the Pigeon Forge Police Department.

They ask that all of us not to be angry or upset, but try to be forgiving for this person as we are. Hopefully something will change in his life to make his situation better. We hope he asks for forgiveness and realizes what he's done and the mistake he's made. We're really hoping and praying someone will come forward.