No to Joe

Baker Boycott

Chris McMurray and his wife run a bakery in Virginia called "Crumb and get it!"  That is a  very clever name and he and his wife have worked hard to grow their buns and crumbs. Its a mom and pop store there in Roanoke and these two work day and night, literally, to stay afloat. But Wednesday morning, Chris had a great recipe for success: a PR move that has put the little bakery on the map. Wednesday morning, advance teams for Vice President Joe Biden walked into Crumb and get it! 

The VP's entourage got to the point and made their pitch: they said they had selected 'Crumb and Get It" to be his stop on his way through and was wondering if that was ok."

And the baker and his wife said: NO TO JOE!

Biden and his crew had NO HARD feelings, the secret service walked in and told Chris McMurray ''Thanks for standing up and saying being honest -- then they bought a whole bunch of cookies and cupcakes.