A Note From Gary

This was a post on Facebook by the father of Channon Christian.

Gary wrote this in the midst of retrials concerning his daughter's murder...


I remember when Channon was little, she was a spoiled little brat.

To all the fathers out there my best advice is to spoil your little girls, give them all that you can no matter how much it is, give them all you can.


I remember when Channon was getting older and the little boys started liking girls, Channon and Kara would sit in her room on the floor and talk about who was cute and who was not. They would agree and giggle till they were rolling in the floor. I would stick my head in and say something about them being silly Channon would look up at me and get real serious and say "go away Dad" …Y’all need any advice just let me know as I walked away, I would hear the giggle again.  To the dads with little girls, let them like boys and giggle till they pass out, but let them know your there.


I remember when Channon came to me the first time with a boy problem. She was in high school, she talked and I listened, she cried and I wiped her tears. It was not very often that she came to me, it was usually her mother she would go to, moms and daughters are close you know. When I had given my wonderful advice and wiped the tears and she was on her way again. I cried, and to this day, sometimes I can still taste the tear that found its way to the corner of my mouth to the fathers that have daughters, Do Not Fail, Listen to their problems when you get a chance to, wipe their tears, make sure that they know they can come to Dad, that you will be there.


Always know where your little girls is even when she is 20. Pay for the tracker in their phone, even if you cannot afford to. YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO.

Teach them how to protect themselves and if you don't believe in guns get over it and do it anyway. Or taser guns, or Marshall Arts, or knives, or keep their ass at home. This one dad is on you...

If the first boy disrespects her kick his ass and his dads. the next one will think twice.  Most of all make sure they know you love them.  NEVER LET THEM DOWN.

Last but not least, don't forget what I am saying to you, Dad, because you may not get to do it tomorrow.

I will full fill my promise to my baby girl or I will go to her and explain why I failed her, face to face.


Be strong dads.

I love you more baby girl !