Nothing New For Our Children For A Year!

I was reading this yesterday and Garrett said, "Oh mom, please don’t talk about this on the radio! I don’t want anyone to encourage you to do this!"


Hattie Garlick has BLOGGED:

" I'm Not Buying My Kid Anything For A Whole Year"

She’s written a blog called “Free Our Kids” –announcing to the ether my New Year’s resolution for 2013: to raise her son cost-free for a year.

Her son, Johnny, just turned 2 and for the Holidays she and her husband decided to avoid any present-buying hype. Instead, they pulled into a garage and bought him a 50 cent water pistol.

He was ecstatic. It was a weapon, then it was a tool for watering plants; no wait, it was definitely, actually, something to feed the dogs from.

That’s when Hattie realized: kids don’t need the latest toy or newest gadget to make them happy; their imagination will do just fine.

So now, for a FULL YEAR, no new toys. No new clothes. Not even a haircut!

Thrifty mama Hattie Garlick is going to require her boy make do with hand-me-downs, and he'll only get to eat what Mom and Dad are eating. Oh, and no costly experiences for this kiddo, he's going to have everything done at home in "activities concocted at home instead of at soft-play centers."

Has the backlash against consumerist kids has jumped the shark? I get it: kids do not need one million and one toys to be happy! But now we have a mom who is going on record to say that she will not buy her son a single thing in 2013.

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