Did you get a call from 202-643-1993Caller Id says "Think Say Act 10  Click here for more infoBEST THING TO DO:  HANG UP!It's a scam. They ask you a simple question like "do you have a small dog?" and if you answer "yes" they record you saying "yes" to authorize charges on your phone bill. If you say "no" they have a recording asking "did you have any problems with your charges?" then you saying "no." I got multiple calls a day. The caller ID is think say act 10. 
Usually when you get a call from this number, they ask, "Do you have a small dog?" 
As you might already know, this call is part of a scam to trick you into saying "yes". The scammers record your answer & use it to "prove" that you agreed to buy something from them, usually a worthless service.  The bill will appear on your phone bill unless they chicken out.  The general theory, which I suppose can be extended to any randomly weird phone call, is that the caller is attempting to record you saying yes to something so that he can say you authorized a purchase of some sort.