Gaining more hours in the day is at the top of every busy person's wish list. But what if we told you that scoring more time is just a matter of rethinking your routine? We spoke to organizing and productivity experts to find out where most people are losing time each day, plus simple tactics for getting those lost minutes back.  1. Limit your TV time in the morning.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />
Many people like to start their day by tuning in to one of the morning news shows. While it's a great way to get informed, it's easy to get caught up in a story and then find out you're actually watching much more television than you intended, To prevent getting sucked into the TV vortex, give yourself a time limit—maybe even set a timer—so you know when you have to tune out. Really can't peel yourself away from the screen? Consider turning on some music to supplement your morning routine instead.  2. Treat your favorite websites as rewards, not as part of your daily routine.
People who are really hooked on Facebook or blogs will jump on them first thing in the morning, instead...only check them after you've done your work...perhaps during your 10 minute break  3. Don’t check your email so often.
Thanks to laptops, smartphones and free WiFi, most of us are guilty of being too in-touch. If you use a program like Outlook or Entourage at work, instead of having your inbox refresh every minute, switch your settings so it pulls in new emails every half hour or hour. That way you’ll score more uninterrupted work time because you won’t be tempted by incoming messages.  4. When you do check your messages, don’t read and abandon them.
How many times have you opened up an email and closed it over and over again because you can't decide how to respond to it? Here's what the experts say: “Each time you do that, it takes about one minute to process the information in the message.” So if you do that 10 times, you’ve just lost 10 minutes. Instead, each time you open a message, decide right then and there what action you plan to take. If replying to an email will take less than two minutes, it’s important to tackle it immediately!  5. Limit the time you spend walking around the office.
The less you get up and walk somewhere, the fewer distractions you’ll have! Remember each time you step away from your desk, you risk being ambushed by conversations and unplanned interruptions. So while getting up to stretch your legs can improve productivity, gabbing with your coworker at the copy machine is just lost time. To limit your roaming to a minimum, keep bins or folders on your desk labeled “To Shred” or “To Copy” so you can corral tasks to handle all at once.  6. Get a mail inbox.
Don’t have a designated landing spot at the office for incoming mail or paperwork? That means that every time someone delivers something, you have to stop what you’re doing so they can hand it to you. Stop the interruptions by creating an "Inbox" so they can drop and go.  7. Get ready for bed before you switch on the TV.
You know you can get caught too easily in a program! Don't sacrifice your rest! Before you even hit the power button on the remote, have everything ready for the next day and for bedtime.That means packing lunch for the kids, brushing your teeth and putting your pajamas on. Then, when you’re ready to go to bed, you can hit the Sleep tends to be one of those things that's expendable in some people’s minds, but you then end up working slower the next day because you process information more sluggishly when you’re sleep-deprived and you waste time.