Sacrifice to See Them Play


Billie Ann Tomei, the mother of Petaluma (Calif.) National Little League star Cole Tomei and wife of the team's coach, Trevor. The team had worked hard all year and were set to play in the little league world series; but she couldn't go. She is the office manager for a CPA and the tournament was during the week when the boss was away. Now, she HAD accrued the vacation time BUT her taking off while the boss was off meant there was no one at the office in charge; but she wasn't gonna miss her son and husband's big weekend. So she told her boss, she was taking off and he told her 'If you go, write yourself your last check.' So she wrote herself one last check."

And the weekend was worth it she says! 

Once there, the Petaluma youngsters pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in recent baseball history, scoring 10 runs within their final three outs of regulation to force extra innings in the U.S. championship game before eventually falling to Goodlettsville, Tenn. (FYI, Our Team we sent!)

The team's run ended with a third-place finish at the event thanks to a 12-4 victory against Panama in the tournament's consolation game on Sunday.


All the blogs I've read say she's the greatest mom on the world... what do you think?  In this economy with people looking for jobs, was it appropriate?