Sending Letters


If you remember last week we shared a story with you about 2 large companies that sent letters out to employees “recommending” who they should vote for.

Their letter stated that if you vote for the wrong person you might face losing your job or being cut back in hours.

A couple of more companies have done the same thing since and now a group in Texas is doing the same thing to voters.

This group is trying to convince voters to send more of their party to the Legislature by making an unusual pitch:

Additional cuts in public school funding could place a very popular program at risk.

high school football at risk.

This group says cuts in public education funding have already caused some of these programs to end already.

The reason for the elimination of these programs, to save money and improve grades.

That’s a good thing right?

The program that could be cut is high school football, which is like what Vol sports mean to us. A program that can never go away.

The Progress Now 401(c)(4) advocacy group, says it’s goal is to ‘communicate progressive values’ throughout Texas.  It was founded by a long time  leader out of the Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Progressive Network.