Sent to Jail For Helping Other Drivers Slow Down


 UH OH... We could be in trouble... N

ow I always thought THIS could NOT happen or at least you wouldn't get in trouble for it. But apparently, we may need to rethink things.

You know how sometimes as you're traveling down the highway and you see a cop with radar so you use your lights to signal the other cars ahead as if to say, "hey, slow down!"



A woman in Houston, Texas, was arrested and jailed for 12 hours after she held up a make-shift sign to warn drivers about a speed trap.

Natalie Plummer was officially charged with walking in the roadway -- jaywalking, essentially -- though she says the police officers who arrested her were just angry that she had tipped off speeders.


Here's how it all shook out- Natalie was riding her bicycle along a road near downtown Houston on Thursday when she spotted police officers pulling drivers over. 

She spotted a speed trap and (this is kind funny) she made up a  sign on a grocery bag to warn she's holding up a sign....

The officers didn't see it that way. Shortly after she took up her post, a squad car pulled up to Miss Plummer and an officer grabbed her backpack off her shoulder and began rifling through it.

Then, he handcuffed her and told her she was under arrested for felony obstruction of justice and that she would spent three to five years in jail, at minimum.

She ended up being charged with misdemeanor 'walking in the road where a sidewalk is present,' through she was in jail 12 hours before she was able to bail out.

Miss Plummer said she wasn't obstructing justice, and she wasn't in the roadway, either -- she was on the sidwalk.

A legal analyst says Miss Plummer should not have been arrested.