Soldier Sells Medal


It's kind of sad to hear about an out-of-work veteran who felt he had to sell his Army medal on eBay to raise money to start a new business. The medal went for $5,200 on eBay yesterday.

   "When I saw the amount that was posted on eBay, when I saw that it was $2,000, it was just, it was overwhelming," said BILL SHEPHARD, who returned from Iraq two-and-a-half years ago and couldn't drum up work in Woodbury.

   He played by the rules, too: Going back to school, applying for jobs, reaching out to veterans organizations, but no luck. "Instead of going under a bridge with a sign, 'Will Work for Food,'" Shephard says, "I decided to place the award online for a bid."

   He plans to use the money to expand his landscaping business with a new lawn mower and trailer.

But his sergeant has criticized him, saying the eBay auction is an insult to the Army and his fellow soldiers.