Okay, we are standing more than we NORMALLY do today because of a new study that has been released.  Yep, according to the experts (who watched us sit, 167,000 of us, for more than 5 hours a day), we can add 2 more years to our lives if we get up off our rear ends and stand. 


So today, unite with us to live longer! Get up from your desk and move around and stand at least for 15 minutes before you sit back down and we will feel that we have helped give you more time on God's green Earth.  Americans might live a little longer if they cut back on the amount of time they spend sitting down. 

For those of you with a 45 minute or LONGER commute, we suggest you stand the rest if the day!

About 27 percent of deaths in the studies could be attributed to sitting, and 19 percent to television viewing, the researchers said.