Sugar is Making us Dumb?!?!

Ladies, we all know the value of a good piece of chocolate!  Every once in a while chocolate becomes a craving- an irresistible luxury that MUST be consumed.

And in the afternoons, for a quick pick me up, the commercials tell us SNICKERS or something SWEET to kick in the HIGH gear and make it through a sleepy spot right after lunch.

Well, scientists decided they'd do a little research into some of those theories. So they called their little mice friends and split them into 2 groups.

  1. 1 group got brain-boosting Omega-3 fatty acids
  2. While group 2 got high-fructose corn syrup.                                                              


So after six weeks, who do you think fared better?  Of course the omega 3 fatty acid mice!  The study showed that SUGAR can slow your thinking down and can eat away at your brainpower.

So what you EAT affects how you think! 

(I think it's too late for me!  They should stop showing us HOW we have been killing our bodies and brains and tell us WHAT to do to repair them!  Cough up the magic pill)