Summer Weather


Cooler weather is on the way this week.

Two weeks of oven-like temperatures had taken their toll: at least 46 deaths were tied to the heat over that period, according to a list compiled by the Weather Channel.

Virginia saw the most heat-related deaths with 10, followed by Maryland (9) and Illinois (6). Three of the dead were children, with the rest adults between 45 and 83.

Even here in Tennessee there were at least 2 known heat-related deaths.


Did you feel very cranky over the past 2 weeks? There’s a reason why.

Experts say many people feel a little hotheaded when the mercury rises.

In fact, hot and especially humid weather is known to be associated with increases in aggression and violence, as well as a lower general mood.

That's because trouble sleeping, dehydration and restrictions on our daily actives — such as being cooped up inside all day to avoid the sweltering heat — may all contribute to a worsening mood in warm weather.

Experts suggest avoiding making any important life decisions, because you might make a choice you later regret.

And whether you're at the office or on the road, recognize that people you deal with may also be a bit testy.