Teenagers... This one word alone can make parents all over cringe. It seems teens and parents can't ever get on the same page on anything.

Well If there is one thing every teenager can agree about, it is this: Adults just don't get it.

Teenager problems are unique, hilarious, confusing, and -- if Monday evening's worldwide trending topic on Twitter was any indication -- often have to do with the existence of parents.

That's right, on Monday the hashtag #teenagerproblems skyrocketed all over the world as teens tweeted in their problems. Some were insanely funny while others were down right depressing...


We've compiled 20 tweets from high schoolers sharing their ultimate #teenagerproblems. These round out most of what was trending on Twitter Monday. Here they are!


-Falling in and out of love trying to find that perfect relationship.

-Parents not understanding what it's like to be a teenager in this generation.

-Having a closet full of clothes, yet still NOTHING to wear!

-Always being upset for no reason and confused about everything.

-Realizing you're growing up and not a little kid anymore.

-Falling for someone who doesn't deserve you.

-Always hungry & tired.

-My grandma argues that I never do anything in this house but when I offer she says 'no It's okay I can do it'

-My brother and i just spent the last minute speaking in weird accents asking each other what we want to do for dinner

-My parents need to stop being so protective....its making things hard =/


-Hate working but love money

-I know I CAN go shopping alone but it's still weird and I won't do it no matter how much I need to

-Our thoughts and opinions are either looked down upon or completely disregarded 98% of the time.

-Keep dreaming and wishing that their celeb crushes will come saving them and marrying them.

-Getting yelled at for going out too much and being encouraged to go out when you don't go out enough ..

-Having your heart broken by a guy you never dated.

-Sneaking out the house by climbing out the window after your mom said, "No, you cant go to the movies."

-When you realize the rest of you're life depends on a fat button that says "accept"

-Not wanting to hear your parents give you "The Talk"