Tis The Season...


I was sad to hear what happened to my neighbor last week.

She was doing some Christmas shopping and someone broke into her car, punching out the rear window and grabbing the gifts.

What made this story interesting, was she wasn’t at the mall, restaurant, grocery store or even at home. Her car was parked at church where she had stopped.


There are maybe 3 places I can think of that you would be pretty confident that your car won’t get broken into. Your garage with door closed, police station parking lot and a church parking lot.


But there is a reminder out there that thieves are using a new technique to break into vehicles that is rarely dedected.


Rather than traditional smash-and-grab burglaries, thieves are punching out the locks on vehicles.

They can go behind the lock, use a hammer maybe, pound down on the screwdriver or whatever tool they’re using and break the lock off.

Thieves are getting away with the crime because it is discreet – many do not realize they are witnessing a crime because it looks as though a person is fumbling for his keys.

Police said that being aware of the crime could prevent other holiday shoppers from becoming victims.

Older model vehicles that have key holes built into the actual metal door frame are easier to punch out than new models that use remote keys.

Police also advised shoppers to stow their purchases out of sight.