TN Part of Disturbing Trend

This story was so heartbreaking. It makes me want to volunteer to rock.


On an average day, neonatal nurse practitioner Carla Saunders faces two dozen babies born hooked on drugs, infants so sick with the pain of withdrawal that they cry nonstop, claw their faces and writhe in agony at the sound of a voice or the touch of hand. But that’s just the average. Some days ...the number is as high as 37 born addicted.....

And the heartbreaking part of this: it's right here in KNOXVILLE.


The babies are part of a grim trend in Tennessee, where a new report shows that the number of newborns dependent on drugs their mothers took during pregnancy is higher than ever — and experts say it should be a warning to the rest of the nation. 
It is so sad...but you can help....IF you can put up with the heartache....and it's all about being a caregiving rocker...

Caregivers try to ease the babies through withdrawal, which can take about a week, with soothing care, including swaddling and rocking in dark, quiet rooms. But many infants have to be dosed with morphine or methadone, also opiates, and then slowly weaned off the drugs.

“It is extremely labor-intensive. These kids can be as labor-intensive as our most critically ill newborns,”

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