Tuesday Morning:

6:10 am  Top 5 Things You Need to Know   6:25 am  Lunch and Limo is BACK with Panera!  Click here to register6:40 am  If you're trying to lose weight...we have some GOOD NEWS! According to research the more weight you lose in the first month, the more likely you are to stick with your diet and keep the weight off.  6:55 am  Email:  My Ex won't let me move.  7:10 am  What's your college degree really worth? According to the website Payscale. a new survey, it puts together a kist of how lucrative most majors are:SOCIAL WORK: Average starting salary just over $33,000 a yearELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER: Average yearly pay $33,000THEOLOGY/RELIGIOUS STUDIES: Just over $34,000 a yearHOSPITALITY & TOURISM: About $37,000 a yearDRAMA: Average starting salary $35,600 a yearFOOD & NURTITION: Average starting salary $42,000 a yearMUSIC: Average $34,000 a yearFINE ARTS: About $36,000 a year (starving artist)SPANISH: Starts at $36,000 a year7:20 am  Qualify for The Ultimate Shopping Spree    7:40 am  Who handles pain better?  Men or Women? Survey says......MEN!  (puhleeeze!)7:55 am  A new study says 80% of men would remarry their former spouse!  REALLY?    8:45 am  Who's the HOTTEST woman....wait for it.....you'll be surprised. Maxim Mag says it's Katy Perry...the hottest woman in the world.