Ways to Save Big Money

Are you doling out more money than you bring in every month and need to scale way back? Fear not --here are ten drastic ways to cut your budget by $600 every month from Yahoo.com!   1. Downsize Your Home. Renters might want to look at a smaller hours or apartment --if you're overrun with clutter, go through it. The less stuff you have, the less space you'll need to live in comfort.   2. Become a Single-Car Family. This is a tough idea to swallow, but having one vehicle will save you cash and have a few side benefits like staying home more often. #!#!#   3. Stop Eating Out. Restaurants are a wonderful luxury, but expensive. The truth is you can probably prepare a week's worth of meals for the price of one dinner out.   4. Get Rid of Cable. People lived without television for centuries and survived just fine. #!#!#   5. Cancel All Subscriptions and Memberships. If you can't afford the power bill it's time to bid a fond adieu to Netflix, the gym and your favorite magazine.   6. Cut the Bells and Whistles on Your Phone. Consider ditching the landline and fancy cell plan for a toned-down pay-as-you-go option. #!#!#   7. Eat More Meatless Meals. Putting pancakes, eggs, bean burritos and vegetable soup on the dinner table will save you two-to-four bucks every time you sit down to eat.   8. Quit Using Your Dryer. This energy-sucking beast is expensive to run --invest in an outdoor clothesline or indoor rack. #!#!#   9. Adjust Your Thermostat. Turning it up or down by two-to-three degrees can shave down that heating and cooling bill. Up that to 10% by turning the temperature down ten-to-fifteen degrees overnight.   10. Plan a Menu and Use Coupons. Spend one hour per-week comparing sales, snipping discounts and figuring out a dinner game plan. (Lee)