What is Your Child's Goal?


I never thought I would say this, but I’ve reached an age where I’m starting to sound like my parents about kids today.

What’s the cause for todays kids focusing on fame and fortune and not community and family.

One mom wanted to find out so she enlisted the help of a her colleague to conduct a survey asking people to identify the top values from popular TV shows spanning the past five decades.

Their research found that after 2007, "fame" was identified as the top value on the TV shows.

In previous decades, their survey showed "community feeling" was the strongest theme.

The mother noticed that her daughter's favorite TV programs, like "Hannah Montana" and "iCarly," focused a lot on fame.

Today's top TV value was also recognized as a major aspiration for tweens that were part of a follow-up study.

When asked which of the values considered in the TV show survey they were most interested in achieving, between, "fame," "achievement," "image," "community feeling," and "benevolence,".

40 percent of the teens listed "fame" as their first goal.


* Think about this for a minute. The obvious concern here is whether today's younger generation has enough concern to contribute to society, or even their community, that fame, or self-gratification is a more important value.

We're all familiar with the phrase, "famous just for being famous," so fame doesn't necessarily mean achievement --like achieving something: Achieving the Nobel Prize, or winning at a sports event.

Achieving fame today can be as easy as posting your cat in a bathing suit on YouTube.

In other words, the generation raised on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media looks up to people who attract an audience, not people who accomplish something.