Who is Happier?

Happy or Not

It's so interesting: How do you define happiness? 

Where you live?  If you're successful?  Being a parent?  or Financial success?   A new study in journal "Psychological Science" has some very revealing happiness issues... let's see if you agree!


  • Fathers show relatively higher levels of happiness, positive emotion and meaning in life than anybody!
  • It found that fathers and parents between ages 26 and 62 were happier, but not mothers, young parents and single parents.
  • There were no differences in happiness between moms and women without children
  • Young parents and single parents were significantly less happy than childless peers.
  • Overall... parents are less happy than non-parents!


In fact, the evidence clearly points in the opposite direction: Parents report lower levels of happiness, higher levels of depressive symptoms and assess their physical health as poorer than persons who never had children."

In one of those studies of thousands of individuals worldwide, U.S. parents reported significantly lower levels of happiness than non-parents — and lower levels than in 21 other countries. "The stress of parenthood is enormous, and it's especially stressful in the United States," she says.


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