Willing to Forgive...


You probably heard about the 68 year old grandmother who was tormented on a school bus in upstate New York.

More than $380,000 has been raised for the woman after video of her being bullied on the bus by four seventh-graders went viral.

The verbal abuse of Karen Klein on Monday was captured by a student, showing her trying to ignore the taunts, profanity and insults until she finally began crying.

One student taunted her, "You don't have a family because they all killed themselves because they don't want to be near you." Klein's oldest son killed himself 10 years ago.

The money was raised from the public through an international crowd-funding site, with the original goal of just getting $5,000 to send Klein on a, quote, "vacation of a lifetime."

The school district apologized to Klein and said it will pursue disciplinary action against the students, but police said Klein doesn't want the boys to face criminal charges. Police reported that the boys and their families have received death threats and they'd had to step up patrols near their houses.

As of Thursday (June 21st), the boys hadn't apologized to Klein, but police said they regretted their actions and their parents are cooperating.