Work For Hire

A guy in New York is spending his day on a busy street corner in New York holding a sign.


He’s 52 year old Vincent Giordano, and he holds a sign everyday that says: 'HIRE ME.'

His sign lists his phone number (917-478-7435), his email address (, and the kind of work he's looking for:





So far, nobody has called—and he's been doing this every weekday for a month.

But Vincent Giordano is no quitter. "I'm determined not to end up in a homeless shelter," he says.

Nicely dressed in suit and tie, Giordano hands copies of his resume to anyone who'll take one. Vincent says sometimes, says the one-time legal assistant, "you have to sink low to rise to the top again."

The support from the public, he says, has been fantastic. Even the Wall Street Journal took notice of him this week.

People give him their business card or say they'll take his resume to their boss.

On a good day recently, he handed out 50 resumes, which, he says, netted him five interviews--"but no cigar" yet.

He says he got the idea to direct-market himself after seeing an ABC News story about a man who found a job this same way.

Until two years ago, Giordano worked for a big law firm, making copies of documents and providing litigation support. Then he was laid off due to the economy.

He's tried going to employment agencies, but none has found him to a job.