Niki Roberts

Niki Roberts is the host of our community affairs show "East Tennessee Now."

To inquire about having your event or non-profit organization featured on "East Tennessee Now" email her at

If you are an early riser on Sunday mornings, you have probably caught my show! “East Tennessee Now” is a community affairs show, aimed at keeping you “in the know” about events coming up in our area, people who need your help, or sometimes just topics of interest that the public needs to stay informed about. Whatever the topic may be, or whomever the guest, I try to make sure that the program speaks to the different interests and needs of listeners in East Tennessee. My program’s main focus is helping people, and that is the best part of my job!

I have hosted and produced my show for the last seven years, and I never get tired of it. When I started pursuing
a career in broadcasting I had a bit of a southern accent, and I worried it would keep me out of the profession.

Our general manager at South Central believed in me though. “You are from here, so why shouldn’t you sound like you are from here?”, he said. With those words, I had my first shot at radio, and became a part of the South Central family. I try to not get too twangy on-air, but the country girl in me still comes through from time to time!

I grew up in East Tennessee and live here in Knoxville with my husband Jonathan and our two poodles Gracie and Fella.  We love working on our home, spending time with family, and traveling whenever we have the time and money. Personally, I also love to sing and read! I love books, but if given a day to myself, you will find me curled up with a cup of coffee and a magazine. Entertainment news is a hobby of mine, and it is a running joke in our family, that if you want to know anything about the “goings-on” in Hollywood, you need to “find Niki“. I literally have an embarrassing amount of entertainment trivia floating around in my brain 24/7!

It is wonderful getting to meet all the wonderful people I do, and it means so much to feel like I might be making some small difference in someone’s life each week. I hope when you listen to my show, that you are uplifted, empowered, and entertained. It is my deepest wish though, that you feel that you are cared about, and that you have a friend. I want my love and concern for my listeners and the people of East Tennessee to come through. At the end of each show, I always say “Take care of you”…which is short for “Take care of you for me.” I want you to be moved and inspired by the show to reach out to others in need, but I want you to remember to love yourself as well, because you are important to me!

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